life is worth it.

Challenges and persuasion…
Necessary ingredients
For a little more growth
Adding movement to the stagnant mind
And courage to the silent tongue
Maybe I will come to believe that I was once wrong
To think that I would be happier on my own
In my own space
Because it is when I am open
When I am willing
When I am vulnerable
That God places people in front of me
Who help me
Who challenge me
Who encourage me
Who persuade me
To remove myself from my comfort zone

There is no advancement of life within that zone
Staying on one island while knowing there is a whole sea full of other islands
But remaining ashore on your own
On this place you call home
But not really because you want to
It’s because you are afraid to swim
Afraid of the unknown, afraid of the undertow
But the ocean, it pulls
It pulls and pulls and pulls

Until you cannot
resist it
And you
Like your life depends on it

Because, are you really living when you don’t move?

At a point in my journey
Time would pass me by
while I would sit and cry
existing within a self-formulated lie
That my life did not matter
And I was of no worth

But life is worth it.
And so are you!

I have become vulnerable. I have become more open to positive change in my life. I have become more willing to take the steps I must take in order to become a better-version-of-myself.
Sometimes there are lies inside my head that tell me otherwise. The more I push through, the more persistent they are. The lies won’t win – the negativity may take me over for a day, but it will never be who I am.
Tuesday I was struggling in my head. A friend of mine was having a get together at her house in the evening that involved a guided meditation and I could not wait until that time came. When she was talking before-hand, she had very much to say about trust and following the call to do something or go somewhere if you feel led to do so. During the candlelight guided meditation, one thing I thought of was “peace of mind” because that is what I needed most – that is what I was struggling with. I did take away peace from that evening. Wednesday, I went out to Johnson City to the Willow Tree for the open mic night and to do some writing work. Well, NorthStar and Earthen Heart did their first collaborative piece! Which I am super stoked about – not only because this opens a door to new beautiful things but what struck me the most were the five words in the second line he wrote: “Peace of mind is mine!” I had to look at that for a moment and let it sink in. It sank in all night and I didn’t even mention it. It is still sinking in.


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